Welcome to my site!

OHHH BOY! HERE WE GO. My web supergirl told me to write a blog. I’ll start by telling you what I’m working on right now. I start with a cute line drawing and I came up with a series of sweet and scary Halloween themed designs. First will be The Frankster…and he is adorable. He’s rocking a striped belly-shirt and is accompanied by his spider and black cat buddies. He’s stitched on Weeks Dye Works fabric-Banana Popsicle. Bright yellow…not for the faint of heart! BOO watch for him in the next month. I’m also doing a couple crazy snowmen with funny hats and carrot nose buttons for JJS magazine. I’ll have one in the preview ornament issue and the designer issue. Thanks so much for taking a minute to see whats new in the world of Amy Bruecken Designs!

5 Responses to “Welcome to my site!”

  • koneta:

    OMG….this is so…..CUTE!!!!…Nice job, love the Blah blah blah……

  • Sherry H.:

    I have seen Frankster and his belly button is awesome! Love your designs, sweetie and they are so mujch fun to stitch. I bought some green linen last night to start my cupcake fob. I was at a stitching event at one of the stores I love to shop…someone was stitching one of your other cupcakes and had to show her the fob! I was with Jackie and Yvette (they were in the class Saturday with you at camp – and with me…) Love the website. You’re branching out! WhooHoo! Keep it up!!

  • Donna Taylor:

    I am so glad to find your website! I am a HUGH Halloween freak – can’t wait to see Frankster! Keep the cuteness coming!

  • Marie S:

    Amy, Great designs. It was wonderful to meet you at Cross My Heart in Columbus, OH. The cupcake fob is just so much fun to stitch.

  • Lara Haynes:

    Just finished Frankster! He is the cutest thing, and his belly button is my favorite part. He is going to look ADORABLE next to his girl, Witchypoo, this Halloween. Thanks so much! I have really enjoyed your patterns.