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Indian Chief

Stitch Count 21×77

Back again to the sweater! This time, I used iron-on fusing to the back of my stitching to stop it from raveling before I cut the shape. Then I tacked it to the pillow!

Acorn Abe

Stitch count 30×63

That old sweater of my sons’ got a lot of use! This time, I cut out an acorn shape.

Pilgram Pete

Stitch Count 47×68

I made a little pillow out of an old sweater my sons outgrew! I washed the 100% wool sweater in my washing machine on the hottest water temperature, dried on highest heat, cut the pumpkin shape and blanket stitched the pumpkin together. I also put a stick in the pillow for the stem…not very comfortable, but VERY adorable!

Ball of Joy

You know this guy . . . always happy, just a ball of joy! Howe does he do it year after year? Why is he still smiling?

Sammy Sock

This Little Guy is ready to be filled and shared. Money is the best, but candy and chap stick is always welcome!

Hocus Pocus

This little gal is full of spunk. She is a little bossy and short tempered but it adds to her charm. She’s smiling but, she’s tricksy … be leery of the smile.

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, You make us smile and give us hope.

Coming soon – Needlepoint Canvases!

I’m trying something a little different – painted needlepoint canvases! The first to be released are from the Little Guys collection, Candy Corn, Batley, and Jack. Look for them at your local needlepoint store – or have them call me to get them!
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Audra Leigh

Stitch count 35×82

Little Dancer – quick with a smile and a great big laugh. This “little cutie” will brighten even the gloomiest day!

Batley the Bat

This little guy just can’t remember anything. He actually has a bit of Bats in his Bellfree. He’s happy to just hang around – but watch out when he lands in your hair! EEEEEK!

Stitch Count 29×77 Batley is 42 x 50 stitch ct