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Harvest Moon

Stitch Count Harvest Moon: 43×53
Stitch Count Pumpkin: 42×31

I have used Weeks Dy Works Floss, Gentle Art’s Wool and overdyed floss. It’s a fun way to stitch with an assortment of fibers. No worries if you prefer DMC. These patterns will be just as yummy using the DMC substitutions. On Harvest Moon, I used 30 count Butternut from Crossed Wing Collection – but feel free to go digging in your stash! I used Weeks Dye Works wool and Dames of the Needle trim to finish out the pillow. For Pumpkin – I used 20 count Weeks Guacamole over 2 and finished into a sweet little pillow with a real stick!


All 4 Seasons and any stitching choices!  Stitch with words stack to make and adorable grouping or stitch individuals for sweet pillows.

Live simply, be graeful, smile a lot!

For a quicker stitch – leave out the background! (See pillow)

Indian Corn

Stitch Count 31×78

This is put together like Indian Chief.

Indian Chief

Stitch Count 21×77

Back again to the sweater! This time, I used iron-on fusing to the back of my stitching to stop it from raveling before I cut the shape. Then I tacked it to the pillow!

Acorn Abe

Stitch count 30×63

That old sweater of my sons’ got a lot of use! This time, I cut out an acorn shape.

Pilgram Pete

Stitch Count 47×68

I made a little pillow out of an old sweater my sons outgrew! I washed the 100% wool sweater in my washing machine on the hottest water temperature, dried on highest heat, cut the pumpkin shape and blanket stitched the pumpkin together. I also put a stick in the pillow for the stem…not very comfortable, but VERY adorable!