The x symbol is white (blanc) or Weeks Dye Works White Lightening

2017 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition

My ornament this year has a couple goofs. I don’t know what happened as they regraph the original I sent them. The body and eye is 1 strand of Bison (fuzzy Whisper ) and 1 strand toasted Barley together. Symbol is //. If you want, just substitute Gentle Art Barn Grey Wool floss or any other color sheep you love. Sorry for the flub:) amy

AlphaZOO Mistakes UGGGG

Lt Aqua # 946. I left off the number!
Apple Stem is 435. Also no #.
Background is 798 Med. Blue. I have a Double line with top symbol and it should be side triangle.


Missing triangle symbol is: WDW 1246 Sage
Fur & O

February Snowman Sampler

The symbol for the letter A is Caribbean Green WDW or DMC 958

Just a Quickie – Little Monster Moe

The color numbers are wrong for the dark and light blue. Its suppose to be 3840 lt. blue and 3838 dk. blue


Batley is 42 x 50 stitch ct


Heart color is Bell Soie same Blue Heaven same as triangle. Stitch ct. is 69 x 146