Hi, My name is Amy Kohring Bruecken. I am a needlework designer…with a whole bunch of cute. Old to Needlework…New to Web-Site. I have successfully published needlework patterns for the last 14 years, first with my Sister as Sisters & Best Friends and now on my own as Amy Bruecken Designs. I love the creative process…from thinking of a design possibilities to the selection of yummy fibers and fabrics. In my work I gravitate towards bright colors and have a fondness for CUTE! I have been known to color outside of the lines but I also know how important a nice pattern or a high quality canvas is to the entire needlework experience. I am a firm believer in substituting fibers and fabrics and stitching with colors and textures that are speaking to you! If what I have chosen is not your favorite…switch it up. There are so many amazing products out there! The choices are limitless from glow in the dark fibers to overdyed silks,. Lets not forget good old 14 count. I recommend that you use what is available to you and in a comfortable price range. If only we could buy time! Plop in your favorite spot and here is to hours of comfy stitching goodness. It could only be better with a cupcake!