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Peace and Love

Oops! The open diamond symbol uses the same thread as the closed diamond symbol.

Stitch count Peace : 42 x 75

Stitch count Love : 42 x 74

Quilt Critters

Stitch count Cardinal : 31 x 50

Stitch count Raccoon : 32 x 48

Stitch count Moose : 31 x 51

Zappy Dots!

Needle Nannies and jewelry magnets. Ask your favorite shop to order for you! 40 different designs and all super sassy!

Long May She Wave

Stitch count : 150 x 53

Now and Forever

Crazy Dog Lady


Just A Little Wicked

Little Wicked Witch pattern and a fun bonus EEK graph. Happy Halloween!

Stitch Count Wicked: 46×106

Stitch Count EEK: 40×40

Christmas Calories Don’t Count

A quick stitch and a perfect companion piece to a plate of Christmas cookies!

Stitch Count: 77×91

Thanks to Denise Madole for her help!

Let the Frolicking Begin

Just a bit of silly … who doesn’t love a smiling snowman with penguin friends!

Shout out to Stephanie Kim … stitched with a little help from a friend!